15 of the most deadliest animals

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Nature is full of dangers, Even if we think we are at the top of the food chain and became the undisputed rulers of earth, It doesn’t mean we are completely invulnerable. Fact: Different deadly animals around the world manage to kill quite a few humans each year. If you want to know what to be careful from when going outdoors – here is a list of 15 of the most deadliest animals for human beings.

15. Bees

deadliest animals

The sting of a bee is not only painful but also very dangerous. 53 people die every year from bee stings – usually from allergy. Noticed a bee landed on  your arm? The smartest thing to do would be not to be nervous and wait patiently until it flies away. It will most likely fly away if you dont make it feel threatened.

14. Lions

deadliest animals

The kings of the jungle kill an average of 70 people a year. The good news: you probably wont meet one when you leave your house.

13. Jellyfish

deadliest animals

The nightmare of every surfer and sea lover is a little painful murderer of tens of swimmers every year. Even if you don’t die from it – a sting from a jellyfish is a REALLY painful ordeal. Maybe its better to go to the pool.

12. Tigers

deadliest animals

The tigers can eliminate a human being in a blink of an eye. Every year around 100 people are killed by tigers – not such a big amount, but it makes us wonder how does 100 people get in a confrontation in front of this intimidating animal in the first place.

11. Reindeers

deadliest animals

You weren’t expecting this one! Reindeers are not much of a violent animal, but do get involved in deadly car accidents. Around 120 people die every year from these.

10. Dogs

deadliest animals

They are cute, loyal, but can also be very dangerous. Domesticated dogs kill about 25,000 people a year – mostly because of rabies.

9. Buffalo

deadliest animals

Each one of these weights about 1.5 tons – which means that even though this animal is not considered to be an angry one – it causes quite a bit of deaths each year – about 200 to be exact.

8. Elephants

deadliest animals

Elephants are huge as well, and in some countries they  come in contact with humans on a daily basis. About 500 people die each year, usually because of stomping by this huge animal.

7. Crocodile

deadliest animals

Might be the most scary animal on the list – Crocodiles kill around 1,000-1,500 people each year.

6. Hippos

deadliest animals

Another peaceful, huge animal – but when it gets mad, nothing can stop it. About 500 people get killed each year by hippos.

5. Scorpions

deadliest animals

The top five holds in them not the biggest or the strongest animals in the world, but the small and sneaky ones. These are the scorpions. When they meet humans they usually sting – and it could be very dangerous. Every year about 5,000 people die from scorpion stings.

4. Snakes

deadliest animals

The numbers here begin to escalate a bit: Around 50,000 people die each year from snake bites.

3. Humans

deadliest animals

and still, with all these animals around – we are the best in killing ourselves. If the nature wanted us out – it just has to wait. If we continue in this rate – its probable that in two-three decades we won’t even be here. People kill around 475,000 people every year.

2. Flies

deadliest animals

The biggest killers don’t actually do it directly, but by spreading diseases. Take for example – the flies – that can spread numerous numbers of diseases. Every year about half a million people get those because of flies – 80% of them would probably find their death.

1. Mosquitos

deadliest animals

And if we are talking about diseases, no one spreads them like mosquitos. From Malaria alone – about 1,000,000 people die every year!



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