14 famous apartments from television shows

We all know that famous apartments sets on television shows are nothing but wonderful stage props that hides the fact that its inside a studio, but some really makes a great illusion of real houses that accompany us, the viewers, for many years. After watching famous shows like “Friends”,  “Seinfeld”, “Dexter”, “Three’s company”, and even “The Simpsons” – many viewers can recognize every room and picture to detail, and remember important scenes from those shows.

If you were wondering how does apartments from television shows look like, you can find the answer with the Spanish interior designer Inaki Aliste Lizarralde, who drew the blue prints for some of the apartments in popular shows that includes: Dexter, Friends,The Simpsons, Sex and the city, The Big Bang, How I met your mother etc. All the apartment plans are very detailed and includes not just the architectural view but also the furniture placement. An amazing work for TV buffs who will really appreciate it. You can purchase those plans in the designer’s Etsy store.



Will and Grace

Two and half men

famous apartments

Three’s Company

famous apartments

The Simpsons

famous apartments

The Golden Girls

famous apartments

The Big bang theory

famous apartments

Sex and the city

famous apartments


famous apartments

How I met your mother

Gilmore Girls



Breakfast at Tiffany’s (movie)



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