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cat island

Japanese cat island

The tiny island of Aushima resides 12km from the city of Ozo in Japan and is totally run over by cats! only …

skeleton on the moon

Skeleton on the Moon

America’s Apollo 11 lunar module photographed a human skeleton on the moon when it landed there in 1969. That’s the claim of Chinese astrophysicist Dr. …

bad health

7 signs of bad health

Your lips are always cracked, you have a cold too many times and even though you sleep a lot you feel tired …

clone burger

Clone burger for only $325,000

The main reason for choosing a vegan diet is a moral ambition to avoid animal cruelty that comes from low quality farming …


New hug vest offers therapy

A hug, an action so simple yet so comforting. People say a hug is not just an action to express feelings but …

incredible human

Incredible human body facts

How many sperm cells does the human body producer per day, what it the one organ that keeps growing your entire life …