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cat island

Japanese cat island

The tiny island of Aushima resides 12km from the city of Ozo in Japan and is totally run over by cats! only …

incredible human

Incredible human body facts

How many sperm cells does the human body producer per day, what it the one organ that keeps growing your entire life …

Incredible coincidences

10 incredible coincidences

There is a big argument that goes on for years upon years – What makes things happen? is it the hand of …


Patents that never made it

Imagine the following – Futuristic hospital birth room, full with advanced extraordinary equipment. On a wide table in the center of the room lies …

Breasts squeeze prevent cancer

Breasts squeeze may prevent cancer

New research shows that breasts squeeze may prevent cancer cells from developing. Yap, You should go ahead and do your part in this act …

aurora borealis

Aurora Borealis transparent igloo

In Finland – 250km (155 miles) from the north pole, The vacation village ‘Kakslauttanen‘ offers tourists the option to sleep under the beautiful night …