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Some animal facts

There’s nothing like random information to waste some time and earn some brain-points, here are some interesting animal facts for your pleasure. Animal …

You are one year older in China

You are one year older in China

    Do you have any age limitations on drinking? Maybe driving? – In some Asian countries you ARE one year older! This method …

OMG origin

OMG (Oh My God) origin

  You would think such phrases and short-words were the prodigy of young rich teenage girls, Well it was recently found that …

Hiccups Origin

Hiccups Origin

  Hiccups Origin came from long long ago, even before we could have a conscious thought. Evolution wise, the first air-breathing fish …

Pause sign origin

Pause sign origin

  Pause sign origin originated from ‘caesura‘, A sign used in poetry and musical compositions to mark a complete pause. Unless you …


BMW Sedan sold for $1 by mistake

I am familiar with cheap online store like dealextreme or focalprice, but besides those there are bidding websites like eBay- where you …