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iPhone 7 Speculation Gains Pace

We have had speculation and rumor running rife about the new iPhone 7 release expected this September and as per norm, those rumors …

robot legs for handicapped

Robot legs for handicapped – The Tek RMD

The Tek RMD is a modern substitute for the wheelchair, a kind of robot legs for handicapped people, that allows lower-body paralyzed people to mobilize like healthy …

car gadgets

Car gadgets – Newest stuff from CES 2013

Car manufacturers use CES 2013 to compete on the driver’s attention with advanced multimedia systems, driver less cars, wireless charging stations and more of those car …


Patents that never made it

Imagine the following – Futuristic hospital birth room, full with advanced extraordinary equipment. On a wide table in the center of the room lies …

Breasts squeeze prevent cancer

Breasts squeeze may prevent cancer

New research shows that breasts squeeze may prevent cancer cells from developing. Yap, You should go ahead and do your part in this act …