9 Weird things you never realized everyone else does too

If you thought you’re by yourself with weird habits, don’t worry. It turns out that most of us check for monsters behind the shower curtain, or sit in weird places while on the phone. so if most people do it – its not weird things anymore, right? well, it’s still kind of embarrassing to admit.

1. Feeling bad because of clothes we never wear

And we will never wear either, they are just a nice decoration for the closet. We’ve all  been there – standing in front of the closet – peeking inside and sadly see the tags still on our unworn clothes. We just feel bad for the clothes that never saw day light, and of course the guilty feeling of spending money on something we are never going to use. Reasonable solution for the problem: Apologize to the outfit, explain the situation to it, that its not it – its us. if nothing works – surely there is someone that will want to adopt it.

weird things


2. Check for monsters behind the shower’s curtain 

When there’s a source of evil in the house, the source is always at the shower room. That is why when you enter there, no matter for what purpose, its important to move the curtain and check thoroughly for monsters, demons, vampires, serial killers or any other creature that wants to scare and eat us. This applies the other way as well, when we are in the shower its important to peek outside to see no one is waiting for us there. Reasonable solution for this problem: Take the curtain out of it’s place. its better to be without a curtain – that way we can see if someone is coming. We will be able to atleast see the monster – even if we wont be able to run away.

weird things


3. Check for monsters on the medicine cabinet

Like we said before, this is the room of evil, but the danger is not only in the curtain. Ghosts and other creatures really likes shower mirrors and the medicine cabinets. Better look behind you and not by using the mirror.

weird things


4. Having to be in motion while on the phone

Only because this is the reasonable thing to do. So the person on the other side of the line will be convinced with what we say, we have to walk back and forth aimlessly while we talk to him. Its important to add facial expressions and body language, that he might not see but will surely feel.

weird things


5. Practice speeches we’ll never take in front of the mirror

When we’ll face someone important, we want to be in our best, that’s why we will prepare a speech a head of time and practice our facial expressions. Or with lighter situations – like when we dream to confront our boss or professor and we want to see how it looks (because its not going to happen anyway).

weird things


A few more worth mentioning:

  • Acting cool when realizing you’re walking in the wrong direction
  • The need to find something good to watch on television before we start eating
  • Pretend the microwave timer to be a bomb
  • Check if we have telekinesis powers


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