Next end of the world is 227 years away

Next end of the world

Mixed Apocalypses


I have some good news and some bad news: The good news are that we can relax. The world did not end yesterday despite the pessimistic ‘prophecy’ of the Mayans. The bad news are we need to restart the countdown to the end, this time by the Jewish Talmud – claiming we only have 227 years to the end.

Rabbi Itzhak Bazri says that the world is destined to be destroyed when it reaches 6,000 years of age to  its birth, 227 years from now.

Every culture and religion has their own doomsday prophecy (Positive thinking right?), According to the Hebrew Calendar we are currently in the year 5773 and have 227 years left until everything will come to an end. The details of which are extremely vague. After the year 6,000 we are supposed to have 1,000 years of rest. (think of it as a really long Sabbath  which doesn’t sound so bad actually..)

The ‘Torah of Shmita’  – Is a kabbalist method that claims that the world is born and destroyed in 7000 years cycles and 50,000 years cycles by the biblical principal of ‘Shmita’ (The seventh year in a seven-year cycle during which land in Israel must lie fallow and debts are canceled). “Being occupied by the end of the world prophecies allows you to deal with fears that we usually ignore so we could live our lives peacefully”, Says Dr. Bar-Levav from the History,Philosophy and Jewish studies department in the Open University. “There is a phrase in the book of Ecclesiastes(“preacher”) that states  that god chose to hide from humans the day they will die so they could function properly – since you cant live with the constant idea of death”.

I have lived through a few doomsdays – The first rapture in 1994, Nostradamus’s August 1999, Y2K, The second rapture in 2011 and now the Mayan calendar coming to an end. I think we’ll be just fine.



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