10 original uses for mayonnaise you probably didn’t even think about

Every once in a while it happens – you organize your fridge and suddenly find a jar of mayonnaise that is about to expire, then you face two options – cook it all or throw it away. But what if we told you there are more original uses for mayonnaise that you never thought about? – here are 10 original uses for mayonnaise.

1. Hair conditioner – If its time to wash your head and you just ran out of conditioner – fear not! The mayonnaise can be used as a wonderful hair conditioner. Just rub it on your scalp, wait a few minutes and wash with regular shampoo. Your hair will be soft and shiny.


2. Take care of your skin – The mayonnaise is an all-in-one cosmetic tool. its not just capable of making your hair shine but can also give great moisture to the skin, and can help heal from certain skin deficiencies, Just put the mayonnaise on like a moisturizer and let it work its magic.

3. Burns – If you took advantage of the great weather and went to the beach but forgot to use skin protection you probably suffer from unpleasant sun burns. The mayonnaise will work wonders just like Aloe-Vera – It can really ease the pain until the skin recovers.

4. Polish the leafs – Do you own plants that seen better days? brush those leafs in mayonnaise and it will shine in glowing green, sometimes for months. This odd trick is used in shops to make the plants look better than what they look at your home.


5. Clean your piano – The piano’s keys are not as white as before? use a wet towel to put some mayonnaise on them, wait a few minutes and then clean the keys, the mayonnaise will take all the dirt with it – and you can go back and play like beethoven.


6. Clean crayons off the wall – Instead of re-painting the whole house thanks to the young artist children in the house, you can use some mayonnaise to make the white appear new. Just spread some on the wall, wait a few minutes and the clean it with a paper towel. Like in magic – the crayons will disappear and the wall will become as new.

7. Remove annoying stickers off your car – Regretting a sticker you put on your car in the 90s? Can’t get that sticker off without leaving white tracemarks underneath? Take some mayonnaise and cover the sticker with it – wait a few minutes and clean. The mayonnaise will absorb all the glue and the sticker will come off without a mark.

8. Strengthen your nails – Your nails keeps breaking? There is no need to pay tons of money for a manicurist, you can use mayonnaise to make them stronger. Prepare a small bowl filled with it – dip your nails for about 5 minutes and then wash your hand, Your nails will be stronger.

9. Ring remover – The nails are fine, but what about the ring that is stuck on your finger? spread some mayonnaise around the ring and it will easily slip out.

10. Kill all the lice – Mayonnaise can be used as a shampoo against lice, with no chemicals involved. Just massage your head with it, put on a shower cap and go to sleep. In the morning, wash the remains from your head – and repeat the process about 10 days later.



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