16 human body facts – Skin, Brain and Nervous system

human body facts

Human layers

A known phrase amongst medical students claims that the more you know – the more you understand how little you know. And so, hundreds of years in researching managed to discover amazing human body facts. We managed to discovered about the mystery that floats over the non stop working machine. from birth to death, here are 60 human body facts.


Brain and central nervous system:

Human body facts

Brain and Nervous system

  1. Dont let your brain dry out: You thought the brain is a gray dull organ, as seen on television? you would be surprised to know that its mostly water. about 80% of our brain tissue is liquid. So next time your on the verge of dehydration – keep drinking so you wont make your brain dry.
  2. Reaction to fear: Have you ever wonder how our reaction to touch,danger and fear is so fast? the electrical signals in the nerve fibers travel very fast, around 280 kilometeres per hour and even higher. Althu, different neurological diseases these speeds might be much slower.
  3. Electric flow: Remember that famous image of a light bulb light up above someones head? well, the reality is not much different than that – our brain operates on the same electrical power as a 10v lamp.
  4. Brain storage capacity: Each brain cell can hold as much information as an encyclopedia value, more or less. Our scientists were not able to assess the size exactly, but some estimate that our brain can hold up to 1,00 terabytes – which is equivalent to 15 national libraries!
  5. Needs a lot of oxygen: Our body operates on oxygen, but how much of that actually goes in our blood flow? U’d be surprised to hear that only %20. Our brain is only 2% of our body weight, but needs more oxygen that any other organ, what makes it the most vulnerable in a case of lack of oxygen. 7 seconds without oxygen to the brain will result in passing out. 4 minutes will result in death.
  6. The brain of the night: Whether your a morning person or a night person, your brain is actually much more active at night. As it turns out – when we go to sleep – out brain comes to life. brain activity while sleeping is very big, and assessments say that the brain re-organize thoughts, process the day you’ve been over and prepares itself for a new day.
  7. Dream shortly: Scientists say that when your IQ is high – you will dream more. but the truth is far from that. each dream actually lasts between 2-3 seconds, the most. We do not remember our dreams, mostly, just the ones that are close to when we wake up.


human body facts

Skin structure

  1. Facial hair grow faster: Men know this well: you shave in the morning, and at evening time you can already feel stingy starting hair on your cheeks. as a matter of fact, if a man would not shave at all during his life time – his beard will reach up to almost 9  meters!
  2. Found hair on your pillow?: You are not alone, an average person loses about 60-100 hair per day.(this of course, don’t happen to bald people).  hair falling changes according to age, pregnancy, diseases and even diet. Its interesting to know that although most men has thin hair – it is still double the radius from women’s hair.
  3. The fastest growing nail: This is the nail on the 3rd finger of your dominant hand. It is not really clear why – but the nail’s speed growth is attached to the size of the finger. The longest finger will grow the fastest nail.
  4. Life span of a hair: Which is 3 to 7 years. During this lifetime, the hair will experience different haircuts and colors – until it will fall out.
  5. Blonds has more: The color of the hair determines the number of the hairs. An average person has around 100,000 hair follicles, each one can manufacture around 20 hairs during their life time. Blonds has around 150,000 hair follicles, while black haired people have around 110,000. brown hair has 100,000 and red hair has only 90,000!
  6. Regeneration: We shed and regrow our skin cells every 27 days. Psoriasis patients upper skin layers regeneration is 27 times faster of a healthy man.
  7. 950 kilometers(590 miles) of hair: During the lifetime of a person – he will grow around 950 kilometres(590 miles) of hair!
  8. 15,000,000 germs: On every cm of our body – there are about 15 million germs. no need to panic – Those are mostly healthy germs that help us keep healthy.
  9. Prints: Humans, Primates and Koalas are the only creatures in nature with fingerprints.


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