Elephant go crazy in Nepal

Elephant go crazy in nepal

Not the same crazy elephant

An Elephant go crazy in Nepal

Soldiers from the Nepal army are running a pursuit after an elephant that went berserk in a few villages on the east part of the country and killed 4 people within three months.

Officials from the capital in Kathmandu say that the last incident happened this last weekend. The elephant went inside a small cabin in ‘Gardi’ village  about 82 kilometers(50 miles) south of Kathmandu and dragged an elderly couple out of bed, stomping them to death.

Animal experts ruled that this is in fact the same elephant that killed two people, last than three months ago in next villages.

“We ordered the army to track down the elephant that went crazy, and shoot him”, says Shiva Ram Glal, a senior clerk from one of the towns near the park, “The soldiers are looking for him now”.

An Elephant is considered a protected animal, by law, in Nepal. If you get convicted with killing an elephant you might get up to 15 years in prison. Nevertheless, Glal says a correction to the law allow shooting of an elephants, if they killed humans.

Nepal has around 300 elephants, about 100 of them are trained and used in captive at hotels and national parks, Most of them are used to amuse tourists and give them a ride on their back.




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