An obsession with Franz Liszt in the 1840’s, was far worse than “Bieber Fever” is today.

You think girls tattooing Bieber’s name into their skin with a shaving knife or waiting for him outside the hotel for 10 hours in what is called “bieber fever” is bad enough ? Franz Liszt have this covered.

These girl did not invent the wheel. in the 1840’s, Franz Liszt “suffered” from the same phenomenon called “Lisztomania”.

Women AND men would react hysterically in Liszt’s concerts, Which were reported to raise the audience mood and make them reach some kind of mystical ecstasy. Fans would swarm over Lizst, fighting over his belongings, Women would try to get pieces of his hair and broken piano strings, if one broke during the show, And make it into A bracelet.

Liszt once finished a cigar and threw it to the ground under the watchful eyes of lady fans who picked it up out of the sidewalk and had it encased in a glass locket with the monogram “F.L” in diamonds.

(In case you dont know whos Franz Lizst – The music in the clip above is his.)



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