Genius Hacks For Your MIND That Will Get You Ahead In Life

hacks for your mind

It wouldn’t hurt us to learn a few tricks and hacks for your mind so we can handle ourselves better out there, As we know – we are very influenced by the way other people treat us, even more than the things they actually say to us. The brain is a deceiving organ and can be manipulated by different kinds of manipulations.

These Tips can help you be one step ahead, It’s always good to know their effect and at the same time – not fall to other’s tricks, And remember: It’s all in your head.

1. When you first meet a new person, Try identifying the color of his eyes while smiling. Give him a long deep look. Maybe because this act takes one second longer than usual Рpeople react enthusiastically.

2. Notice the feet location, If you approach two people who are in the middle of a conversation and their legs point to the opposite direction of you – might mean that they are not really interested in you, and probably don’t want to share the conversation.

hacks for your mind

3. “Stomping” technique. People will tend to do missions for you if you gave them an easier mission beforehand. This psychology is strong with salesmen. If they convinced you to admit something (like your affection for dogs) – than everything they offer you from now on will be about dogs.

4. Ask a person to do an impossible job for you and he would probably say “no”. THEN ask him for what you really wanted. He would probably say “yes” out of inconvenience from the last answer to your request.

5. If you convince a person to do a little favour for you he would get himself in a state of cognitive dissonance, he would solve this by feeling that he actually liked you and that is why he did what he did.

6. If a person answers unsurly or in parts to your question, don’t interrupt him. Wait a few seconds in silence and keep looking into his eyes. He will probably keep talking, answer your questions and will appreciate the gesture.

hacks for your mind

7. Chew bubblegum in stressful times. For example, if you are about to take a speech in front of a large audience, chew some bubblegum (don’t forget to take it out before the speech). As it turns out – our brain feels totally unthreatened while chewing gum.

8. When you learn something new, Explain the new material to a friend of yours or any other people around. If you teach it properly – there is a good change you really understood it yourself.

9. People will remember how you made them feel and not what you said.

10. Always stay calm when someone is yelling at you. Most of the chances are that the person in front of you will freak out even more, and even apologize for his behaviour when he is done.

hacks for your mind

11. Before an important date take them to an exciting place, like an amusement park, so the adrenaline will flow. Their heart will beat hard and they will feel excited from the whole thing – resulting in them saying how much fun they are having with you. They will throw the enjoyment from the occasion on you.

12. A good way for self-confidence is to walk into a room and imagine everyone in it already love you.

13. If you are having problems remembering new names, Here is a working trick: When someone introduce himself to you, say “nice to meet you” and repeat his name. When you repeat his name it will help it be “saved” better in your brain. Besides, people like to be addressed by their first name.

14. Always give your child an option. This will make him feel like he is in control.

15. People are very aware to their physical touch. If someones “accidently” put his knee besides yours – he definitely knows its there.

16. Want to make friends with your boss? Prepare him some coffee and have a conversation with him while he sips from it. The hot beverage will make him feel you are also a nice cosy individual.

hacks for your mind

17. Want to earn the appreciation of your spouse or parents? Talk good and praise a character they admire from any kind of field. When you do this, the other person attach all of that good to you as well.

18. Curse. This is a good tip for salesmen but not just for them. When you sell something to someone cursing might show them that you are very enthusiastic about it, people will feel better and connect to your enthusiasm and might believe you.

19. Talk fast. When we talk fast it might actually help us sell whatever we want. People believe what will come out of your mouth. Someone who talks fast seems more intelligent and as if he knows what he is talking about.

20. Adjust yourself to the person in front of you to develop empathy. People likes to see themselves everywhere, so give them a “mirror” and they will like you more.



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