Lab grown penis, Soon in stores near you

Lab Grown finger

Yes, even fingers.

A huge part of communications between mail servers around the world is spam. a big percentage of those emails, that we are so used to delete and throw away to the spam folder, are trying to sell us all kinds of methods to enlarge the male reproductive organ and make it better in all kinds of ways – using mechanical or chemical methods. Soon, these could be a part of the past as new medical technologies will allow to grow such parts from human cells inside a laboratory and implant that part on the human body.

Dr. Anthony Atala has been spending the last years in his lab trying to reconstruct and rebuild different organs. in the meanwhile he got professionally good in growing ears.He also fully reconstructed working genitalia for his lab bunnies – which used those to successfully reproduce, and even succeeded on reconstructing a working bladder.

Dr. Atala main field of expertise is children urology, and is now getting very generous funding from the US army – for finding solution for soldiers who lost their organs on duty, car accident survivors, etc.

The technology Dr Atala aims to will allow bio-printing of spare organs with personal adjustment instead of growing them one by one in the lab, which requires enormous amount of resources.

Lab grown organs

Lab grown organs

This will apply not just for those who lost their organs in an accident or at war, but Transsexuals who changed their sex from female to male and do not want to be a part of a very painful procure which usually have high amount of side effects, and being a very traumatic.

Another small population (pun intended) who will ‘enjoy’ this are men who were born with a really small penis. so small that it does not allow them to have normal healthy sexual life. they wont have to relay on small painful operations that will add 1-2cm (0.7 inch) with very painful recovery – They could just upgrade, just like upgrading your cellular phone, without any serious recovery pain.


“So what do you do for a living?”
“I grow penises.”




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