Mexico: 9 year old gives birth to girl

9 year old


The girl,a 9 year old, that comes from a poor family with 11 brothers, had the baby in Cesarean operation since her body was not ready anatomically for birth. The father, a 17 year old teenager, whom she had a relationship with, left town and now been looked for by the authorities.

Daphne,a 9 year old girl from the state of Jalisco in Mexico, had a baby about a week ago. according to the hospital manager – The two were released to their home in good condition.

Daphne is a member of an 11 children family that lives in poverty, about 40 km from south Guadalajara. Her parents work many hours for a living while the children stay home along. This is why her relationship with her 17 year old boyfriend was unknown to the house members. The searches for the father continue and he will probably be charged with having sex with a minor. The state prosecutor may even go for rape or sexual abuse.

“Due to her young age, its not sure if Daphne is telling the truth yet.”, said Lino Gonzalez Corona, the spokesman of the prosecutors office in Jalisco, who received details from Daphne’s mother on the romantic relationship between her daughter and the boy.

According to Corona, The young man and Daphne were in a relationship , but the 9 year old did not understand she was pregnant until she was 7 months in. The boyfriend offered her to move in with him so they can raise the baby together, but when her mother refused –  the young man decided to leave town.

The girl had a C-section operation due to the fact she is very young and her body is not anatomically ready for birth. The hospital say that last year %25 of births were from teenagers.

It’s an important reminder that Daphne is not the youngest birth-giver in the world, here are some of the others on that list:

Lina Medina from Peru: Had a Cesarean operation when she was five year old and 7 months in may 1939. Her parents thought her belly got bigger because of a tumor, but a quick check at the doctor showed she was in fact pregnant.

Yelizaveta Gryshchenko: Had her 6th birthday when she had a dead baby, Augost 1934. The father was actually her 69 year old grandfather.

 A 6 year old that went by the name “H” in Delhi, India: Had a baby in June,1972. She was hospitalized after her family was convinced that in her stomach hides a tumor.

An anonymous Indian girl: Brought to the hospital in August,1933 when she was 8 year old, Died during birth.

Griseldina Acuña from Columbia: Started having her monthly period when she was 3 year old, In September 1936, when she was 8 year old, she had a baby boy. The father was a family member.

Mum Zi from Nigeria: Became a mother at 8 year old and 4 months, in August 1884. The daughter went through the same thing which made Mum Zi the worlds youngest grandmother at 17.

Colombian Girl: Found pregnant and a baby girl at 8 year old and 5 months, in September 2004.

8 year old “Ana”: Became pregnant from her 13 year old neighbor in Chechnya. She became the youngest mother in eastern Europe in the last six decades.

Hilda Trujillo from Peru: Gave birth at December 1957 when she was 8 year old and 7 months. the father was her 22 year old cousin who raped her, and got arrested later on.

Zi, Daughter of Mum Zi: Had a baby at 8 years and 7 months, in August 1893. as said – her mother who was in the same situation – became a grandmother before she was 18.



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