Preparing for the end of the world, With a bottle of Vodka

Preparing for the end of the world

Hey, Where did everybody go?

The end of the world is just around the corner, and the world does not stay apathetic. In two days exactly, the Mayan calendar will end and a lot of people around the world believe that on this event –  humanity, as we know it, will reach its demise (Even tough the reasons floating are different – Nuclear war, Nature disaster or sudden famine around the world). Either way, The preparations around the world are at their peak, And in Mexico the locals are actually enjoying the sudden raise of tourists.

In the city “Shul” that is in Mexico, the spas and retreats are already being prepared. The raise of tourists was also spotted at two spots in Turkey and France which considered to be a wanted destination for people who want to survive doomsday.

Preparing for the end of the world

A shelter being built in Houston

In China, merchants say a huge amount of candles has been purchased in case electrical blackout hit? the country on humanity last day – 21st of December, 2012.

In Tomsk, Russia there are a few that are taking advantage of the apocalyptic distress for commercial purposes, selling “End of the world” kits that holds everything you need to survive the last day of humanity on earth. The kit contains – relaxation pills, band-aids,  anti-heart attack pills and even coal. It also includes canned food, soap and a kit of paper and pens to document the events. And we cant forget A bottle of Vodka – to help survive the moments of mental crisis.

As it seems, no one is really afraid of a zombie outbreak, but just in case – Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit in a Sardine Can


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