Stop being sad: 8 tips to stay in a good mood

stop being sad

If something’s bothering you – don’t think about it nonstop, try not to start your day reading bad news, and if you’re in a relationship – try and groom it as much as possible. This explains how to stop being sad and not sink into depression.

While being in a bad mood, a lowering in our optimism and self confidence happens. our brain starts to work slower and will have problems processing new things. people also reported about being tired and with no desire to do any chores.

Here are 10 useful tips on how to stop being sad and keep up a good mood:

1. Get enough sleep

We all need between 6-8 hours of sleep. The personal difference lies in the number of hours each of us require – but this is pretty much the range. Being tired all week adds up and is not really fixable by sleeping a lot during the weekend.

A shortage of even one hour per night will somewhat hurt your ability to function properly the next day. Long lack of sleep will cause bad mood and harm your imagination and thinking process.

2. Stop thinking about things that bother you

Repetitive thinking about such a subject might make your mind develop obsessive patterns while working the “automatic” mechanism that is in the brain – resulting in bad judgment and much frustration.

In order to stop the “loop” process of your brain – you must fill it with different thoughts that will forcibly “reject” the bad thinking pattern.

That way you will have some relief from the problem and will let your mind relax and get proper proportions on the subject. A good movie can help with this – or even meeting and sitting with friends.

3. Before going to sleep, Read a happy book or watch a good movie

Bad dreams that come as continuation to the bad content you were watching will generally affect  you even on the next day, even if you don’t really remember its content.

Experiencing bad dreams will leave a trail of neurotransmitters just like after a real bad experience that happened in real life and might affect us all day long.

4. Don’t start your morning with reading bad and bothersome news

Try and reading the light and easy news like sports or any other section that you find interesting. morning experiences might affect your whole day.

5. For people that are in relationships – Try to have sex daily

Even if you “don’t feel like it” or that you’re “really” bothered by other subjects, the endorphins that are secreted in the brain after having sexual intercourse will change the way we look at everything a bit, beside the pleasure thats involved.

6.Remind yourself that past bad experiences that looked life changing – now seem meaningless

For instance, parties you weren’t invited to when you were on the 6th grade or a test you failed in high school. This is probably how you’d look on present problems, in the future.

7. At the end of a work day – try doing some physical exercise 

Take a walk with the dog around the neighborhood or even take a short walk in the park. This will change how you feel and will fade away your tiredness that comes with the end of a day – and will allow you to enjoy your free time even more.

8. Find love and groom it

Love between two people will release Oxytocin, hormone that only appears in an advance stage of a relationship and is responsible for self esteem and general inner peace that loved ones feel.

Notice that during the stage of falling inlove, Dopamine is released in the brain, that may make you feel euphoric and excited but this is just a stage and intro to the love and oxytocin a bit later.

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