Worlds luckiest unlucky man – Cheats death 7 times and win the lottery

Worlds luckiest unlucky man

Frano and his tickets

Worlds luckiest unlucky man, Frano Selak,[V7W9FAUM25DB] cheated death for years upon years and survived weird accidents. five years ago this Croatian man won €600,000 – only to dispose of it later on claiming “No amount of money buy happiness.”

Frano Salek, an 81 years old music teacher, is known to be the worlds luckiest unlucky man in the world, after avoiding death 7 times. 5 years ago he won  the highest lottery prize in Croatia – €600,000 although recently he decided to get rid of his fortune claiming no amount of money can buy him happiness or love.

Selak sold his luxurious mansion he had on a private island, and divided his fortune amongst his friends and family. He moved back to his little house in the village of Zegrab. Using his left over money he is going to fix his hip bone with the help of surgery so he could comfortably live the rest of his life with his beloved wife. in the future he is also planning to build a little shrine for virgin Mary, who according to him is responsible for his luck.

According to the British ‘Telegraph’, Selak survived 7 deadly accidents. A train he was riding de-railed into a frozen river – 17 of the passengers died, but Selak survived with minor fractures and bruises. A year later a door on a plane he was on detached – 19 passengers were sucked out of the airplane, including Selak who landed on a big pile of hay and survived.

In 1996 a bus he was on lost control into a river, 4 passengers drowned, but as expected – Selak managed to swim to shore. In 1970 – Selak car caught fire while driving high speed, but he got out of that car without any harm. In 1973 he lost his hair in a car accident fire, in 1995 a bus hit him – but this time leaving with almost no injuries.
The last accident happened in 1996 when a UN truck almost hit him on a mountain curve.



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