8 Annoying things people do at the gym

annoying things people do

Anyone who ever went to the gym might have bumped into one of those people who misbehave at the gym. These people usually imagine they are alone at the gym and don’t care about anyone or anything. Here are 10 annoying things people do at the gym.


1. Leaving sweat on the machine

annoying things people do

This is one of the most annoying problems – Why do we need to bathe in your sweat? We all carry towels, so do you. Did you drop it while working out? You can lift 40 kg of weights so I’m sure you wont have any trouble lifting that up as well. It’s very important to remember other people us these machines day and night and that most of the seats on these machines are leather. When you leave your sweat on it you are not only polluting it, but also ruining the leather and even makes it slippery. Please wipe the sweat off next time you work out!

2. Taking a nap on the machine

annoying things people do

Sometimes in the gym, there is a line to use a machine. It’s important to do your sets and then leave it for others. Unfortunately some people decide that now is the time to engage in a easy siesta, and wait quite a while between sets, where sometimes they even open a long conversation with the local trainer or go get a sip of water in an incredibly slow pace while others wait for their turn. An easy solution for this situation – Share. If you have enough time between sets – let another person join in, But remember – recommended time between sets is 30 to 60 seconds.

3. Smartphones OUT!

Annoying things people do

To all the smartasses that think they’ve been clever and succeeded in sneaking their phone in with a bluetooth earpiece – We all know and we all hear when you talk while working out. People come to the gym not only to workout their body, But also for a time of quiet and relaxation with ourselves, time away from worrying things like the office and the family. This is our time, don’t break it for us with useless phone calls you can postpone for later. Let us enjoy quite and bad rhythmic music, That’s what we are here for.

4. You don’t own the machine

Every trainer will tell you – There is no reason to spend over 60 minutes on one exercise device. So to all you marathon runners – Sign up for the next tournament, but don’t spend two hours on the machine when there is only a limited number of them and we all want to make it in our poor 20 minutes window. This is not your machine, you share it with everyone else. When there is a line try to limit yourself to no more than one hour, preferably 30 minutes.

5. Leaving weights everywhere

Annoying things people do

Yes, weights ARE heavy – that is their whole purpose, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave them wherever you feel like it. Just because they are so heavy its your duty to take them back to their rack. In reality – we spend a few minutes every time, looking for the other weight of my pair, only to find it hiding in the wrong place under a weight that’s 2 times heavier. Not only did my time got wasted, but you made the person with the right weight – put it in the wrong place because the right place was taken. Please – invest 20 seconds of your time and put your weights in their designated place.

6. Pressure over a machine

Annoying things people do

Just like its impolite to sit more time than needed on a machine, Its impolite when someone stands near you, hands crossed and gives you a frustrated intensive look like he is saying “Finish already!”. This is so unpleasant and aggressive that it takes all the fun out from the workout. If you want to join in and do sets together – Just ask. If it takes me too long – Just say so. But don’t just stand there and ruin my concentration with your impatience.

7. Entering a class late

If you happen to be late to a class – that’s ok. But if its been 20 minutes already, do everyone a favour and stay outside. It’s ok you just missed this once. Go to the machines and workout a bit. Next time just arrive earlier. Dont enter in the middle and start asking where is the equipment, make noise while passing between people that needs to be careful not to hit you, or try to stay balanced while you push them away to make room for you.

8. Showers are not your home

Annoying things people do

Stop leaving unwanted items all over the place. Shaving cream in the sink, hair’s in the shower, shaving nude while we all try to unpleasntly look away from your wrinkly behind. I know most of the people think theres nothing wrong with being nude in the showers – but there is a limit. Do us a favour – if you are going to shave yourself for a long time while 20 other men are in the same room as you – atleast put on some underwear.

In conclusion – If we keep some standerts we could all enjoy, not just from a full satisfying practice, but also from an hour of peacfull time that we all deserve.

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