9 Gym mistakes you’d want to avoid

gym mistakes

Signing up for a gym membership, but realise you’re in a problem just before starting? Everyone knows this  problem. We really want to be healthy and ripped but the problems already start on the way to the gym, This is how you can avoid the classic gym mistakes that might ruin your workout.


1. Don’t drink too much water before working out

gym mistakes

It’s true you have to drink while you workout as well but there is no use in drinking liters of water just before the workout. Even before you start going back and forth to the bathroom, it might make you feel heavy and feel nuisance while working out.

2. Don’t workout on an empty stomach

Just like your vehicle won’t go without fuel, you won’t be able to workout without energy. Eat something light before you arrive to the gym, an energy bar, yogurt with granola or even a slice of light-bread toast could do the job just fine. You should finish eating about 30 minutes before you start your workout. If you work out really early in the morning and can’t really bring yourself to eat anything – Try eating a small fruit.

3. Don’t eat a meal which is too heavy before gym

gym mistakes

If you read the last paragraph and decided to fill yourself up before working out, hold on a second. This is all about quantity. Eating too heavy can cause problems. It’s important you’ll understand that digesting food also counts as work and you can’t do two things at once.

4. Dont work out on the expanse of sleeping hours

Sometimes getting too excited about working out makes us give up a lot of things like enough sleep, but this one can eventually harm you. Lack of sleep can cause your heart rate to be faster, be more tired, unstable and unfocused. All of these can cause you to leave the gym early due to exhaustion.

5. Dont come to the gym after drinking too much coffee

gym mistakes

If you are one of those people who drink a few cups of coffee a day, than one more cup won’t make a big difference. If you are not that into coffee and want to drink one cup before working out to be more awake, don’t do it unless you want to spend most of the time running back and forth to the bathroom.

6. Don’t eat too much fiber packed foods before the workout

You probably want to give the body some energy before working out, but think when should you do it exactly. You should give your body some time to digest the fibers – Eat these atleast 3 hours before the gym.

7. Don’t workout without goals

gym mistakes

It’s true that working out is fun and everything, but it’s better to write down goals that will give the workout a meaning, like – losing weight, be ripped or just get in shape. Keep track of your progress towards the goal and keep putting more goals as you go.

8. Don’t drink protein shake before working out

It sounds good ,tasty and healthy but it won’t do any good to your body. Because of the long time it takes the body to digest proteins, the energy will arrive only after you finish your workout. If you want energy for the gym – try eating some carb based food. Keep the protein shake for after the workout.

9. Don’t skip warming up and stretching

Many people think this part can be skipped, but it’s actually very important and can keep you from getting injured. Start each workout with at least 5 minutes of warming up.


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