6 poisonous foods we know and eat

Beans, potatoes and dry fruits are just part of the foods we consider to be beneficial to our health, but can actually be considered as poisonous foods. Let’s re-think this.

Among almonds that contains cyanide, deadly poisonous mushrooms and blowfish filled with tetrodotoxin, there are a few more day to day foods that seems innocent that can cause us quite the damage. Hallucinations, vomiting, poisoning and even stomach aches can be the result of acquiring too much of the following foods:

1.Red Beans

Beans have a good reputation of a healthy food, but red kidney beans has to be cooked in boiling water for over 10 minutes at least to expel the poisonous part of it that is caused by phytohaemagglutinin. Just cooking the beans in water without boiling it can harm you even more and may double and even triple the poison part in it. Experts say that a heat blow removes the active poison so it wouldn’t be able to attack to our body cells.

poisonous foods


2. Nutmeg

A fine spice that just a pinch of it on a pasta dish will do no harm, but eating a large amount of it might lead to a series of physical reactions such as headaches, nausea, dizziness and even hallucinations. The nut has psychoactive material called Myristicin.

Experts say that every spice we’ll consume in large quantities – like rosemary, oregano and more – will make us over active.

poisonous foods


3. Brazil Nut

A different kind of a nut we should keep watch on and eat low quantities of is the Brazil nut, the one shaped like half a moon. It contains Selenium, and large quantities of it can be poisonous to our body. It is recommended to eat up to 3 brazil nuts a day to avoid the selenium poisoning.

Experts say that nuts are problematic when it comes to the human body, They are allergenics together with the fact that they are poisonous – and then the reaction could be worse the just poisoning. Nuts may be good for the heart but they contain a lot of chemicals that can do harm.

poisonous foods


4. Apricots, plums and cherries

Don’t worry, This is not about the wonderful fruits but their seeds that contain poison from the cyanide family. Notice that sometimes there is a warning sticker on different foods like jams, spreads, milk products and so on stating “Might contain seeds”. And in anyway it is not recommended to crack, swallow or chew these seeds.

Experts say that its important to check the ingredients if seeds is one of them – and if so, eat low quantities of that specific product.

poisonous foods


5. Potatoes

Potatoes with green spots are the kind that was picked before time from economical considerations and contain a poisonous solanine that does not wear off even when cooking and baking. Experts say that its not always helpful to take off the green part and it’s better to not use this specific potato at all.

poisonous foods


6. Dry fruits

Most of the dry fruits that are sold in our markets go through the process of industrial drying that includes using sulfur and potassium sorbate. It is recommended not to eat large amounts of dry fruits to not damage the digestive system. Experts say that exposure to large amounts of sulfur might cause a sensitive stomach and other digestive problems. All of the grains that were not properly stored – may contain fungus that is dangerous to us called micro-toxin. Those fun guesses might also be found in certain organic foods.

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