Bad breath solutions – 12 reasons and solutions for bad breath

bad breath solutions

Who smells?

Did you prepare everything needed for new years eve only to find out you or your partner have bad breath? In the following segment a few bad breath solutions will be presented.

The source for bad breathe comes from anaerobic germs that cause fermentation in food left overs and dead body cells which produce sulfur that smells pretty bad. 85% of bad breathe problems will happen from the mouth itself, the rest – from digestive system problems or stomach problems. most of the problematic germs are present on the back of the tongue (70%) and the rest on the gums and bad teeth.

Reasons for bad breathe:

 1. Dry mouth: When we don’t eat or drink for a long time (like when sleeping) the saliva flow in the mouth drops significantly. the saliva is a very important factor in activity against germs, when its activity is lowered – the germs activity multiplies and bad smell happens.

2. Tongue: The main source for anaerobic germs that caouse most problems. if we the fact that the tongue is made from LOTS of papillae – That makes a great pad for germs to grow on.

3. Smoking: Besides the natural bad smell the cigarette makes, it also makes the mouth extremely dry and depletes the place from oxygen – which makes the germs go into ‘hyper-drive’ and work faster and harder.

4. Alcohol: Same as the cigarette, Alcohol makes the mouth very dry.

5. Spicy foods: Garlic, Old cheeses, onions and more contain fats with heavy bad smell that sticks and stay in your mouth and on your teeth for up to 24 hours.

6. Teeth caps and bad teeth feeling: Those are great hidden spots for germs and left over food.

7. Gingivitis: Inflammation of the gums and bleeding gums contains a lot of anaerobic germs.

8. Bad brushing: If you don’t know how to brush properly, you risk leaving pieces of food between your teeth.

9. Swollen tonsils:  Another place for food and germs to be held up. may cause the creations of tonsil stones.

10. Sinusitis: This situation is accompanied with mucus which is loaded with germs.

11. Old prosthetic teeth: Mostly at the older population – a great source for anaerobic germs and candida.

12. Medications: Some medications may cause a dry mouth, in such cases you might want to consult with your doctor about changing your subscriptions.



  1. Drink a lot and keep yourself hydrated.
  2. Prevent yourself from fasting: eating something light every 2-3 hours may prevent bad breathe
  3. Cleaning your tongue: At least once a day. NOT with your toothbrush, use a specific designated tongue scraper\cleaner which will remove a significant amount of germs.
  4. Proper oral hygiene: efficient brushing of the teeth at least twice a day and dental floss for the gaps between the teeth.
  5. Mouth wash: Using proper mouth wash, without alcohol that dries the mouth that contains anti-bacterial substances.
  6. Scheduled visits to the dentist: and the dental hygienist for clean teeth, free from plaque.
  7. Chewing sugar-less gum: This will make more saliva in the mouth which will refresh the mouth area.
  8. Chewing coffee beans: It was recently proven that chewing coffee beans might prevent bad breathe.




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