Clone burger for only $325,000

clone burger

The main reason for choosing a vegan diet is a moral ambition to avoid animal cruelty that comes from low quality farming conditions, their slaughter or using them viciously for eggs and dairy.

Some of the vegetarians don’t even like the taste and smell of meat which makes them sick just because, according to them, its a dead corpse on a plat,. Although there are some vegetarians that miss the familiar taste of a good burger or schnitzel from years ago from their mother’s cooking.

For those people exactly , scientists are working long and hard for the last years on a kind of synthetic meat that grows on a plate and doesn’t hurt any animal. considering the advancement of science (and the upcoming possibility of cloning even humans) – cloning and growing live animal tissues is no longer science-fiction.

One of those scientists, Doctor Mark Foust from Holland is hoping to turn the artificial lab grown meat to a consumer product, but it’s production costs are still very expensive. You must be asking yourself – how is the taste?

The minimal evidence that is – say that this burger has an “ok taste” – but if you’d want to taste it yourself you’re going to need around 325,000 dollars and a plane ticket to London, where on the 5th of August a special event of cooking and eating foods that were developed in laboratories expected to be held.

This cruelty free burger is made from 20,000 strips of beef muscle tissues, and the doctor hopes that just a bit of salt and pepper will make the synthetic beef tastes natural.

Doctor Foust hopes the exposure to the product (and tasting it) will help raise donations and resources for mass production of synthetic meat that will hopefully bring  sometime in the next years tastier, with more nutrition and of course cruelty free meat.



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