Hangover cure – Asparagus!

hangover cure asparagus


Is your vegetable drawer ready for new years eve? how about the hangover cure asparagus, a vegetable reserved usually for high class restaurants, may prevent hangover after a night of drinking alcohol and protect the liver cells from toxins. says “Journal of Food Science” magazine.

Researches from the medical science department in Jajo university in Korea explain that amino acids and minerals present inside the asparagus are the ones responsible for this great hangover-cure feature. The amount of minerals and amino acids is specifically high in the Asparagus stem than in the leafs.

Drinking a large amount of alcohol causes significant load on the proper functioning of the liver and leads to unpleasant hangover phenomenons. The Korean research, the researches examined the content of young asparagus and its biochemical influence on the human liver. The results of the test showed that toxins entering the cell respond very well to asparagus stem and leaves treatment and their activity become more moderate.

The asparagus, does not offer help overcoming alcoholism, but is just a remedy for simple hangovers.

Asparagus is used, these days, to make medical appliances thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial attributes, and the fact that its diuretic.


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