Prevent Hangover: 5 natural ways to help

Prevent hangover

The morning after

New years eve is a cause for celebration, and normally such celebration is accompanied by large amounts of alcohol that may be the reason for sickness, dizziness and overall bad feeling the next day – the symptom is hangover. What can you do to handle the symptoms and prevent the hangover?

How can you celebrate new years and not wake up the next day with a terrible headache? Every year at least one of us will wake up January 1st with headaches, tiredness, thirst, sickness and difficulty to concentrate. If you dont want to wake up with all these symptoms – there are a few natural solutions that might help you.

It would be great if we were to proceed directly to alcohol detox, but let’s just take things one step at a time.

Hangover happens because of the body’s dehydration from drinking a lot of alcohol. the alcohol causes us to be more diuretic and there for loose liquids from the body. the alcohol also irritates the stomachs mucous membrane that makes us feel sick and nauseous.

The by products that happens when the alcohol gets digested are far more worse than the alcohol itself. when the liver needs to digest a large amount of alcohol, a metabolic pressure happens that makes us store those by products. These lower the sugar levels in our body which result in slow reaction, anxiety, nervousness, depression and high sensitivity to noise and light.

How to prevent hangover effects?
1. Drink wisely. It’s important to pick high quality alcohol and not cheap ones or fakes that contain poisonous substances like methanol. If you decided to drink – atleast invest in some good alcohol so you wont regret it in the morning.

2. Drink water. Before going out – make sure you have a bottle of water with you in the car. drinking alot of water before, during and after alcohol will make sure you’ll stay hydrated. drink two glasses of water before you go out, one glass of water each hour out and two more glasses when you arrive back home.

3. Eat light and nutritive food.Have a light meal  before you drink alcohol. a meal that includes healthy fats and Carbohydrates like a piece of bread with avocado or a fruit with nuts and almonds. Alcohol will absorb slower when the stomach is full which will allow the liver to efficiently handle the alcohol in the blood stream.

 4. Do not drink coffee and do not smoke.  Researches found that smoking a high number of cigarettes or caffeinated drinks increase the hangover feeling the next day. the wrong thing to think is that coffee will actually help reduce the alcoholic influence on the body. fact is that people who mixed alcohol with caffeinated drinks left the pub more drunk than without, but ‘felt ready’ to drive and ended up needing medical care.

5. Drink another shot. One of the most known Home remedy solution is to drink one shot of the alcoholic drink you had last night. the alcohol molecule has the ability to numb the activity of the by-products that are made from digesting the alcohol and therefor – giving you another couple of hours without the side effects.

Prevent Hangover

Good morning!

Don’t forget to give your keys to a friend in case you are too drunk to drive. Happy new year!



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