Beer with 32% alcohol – Strongest beer ever made

Tactical Nuclear Penguin-Strongest beer ever

Tactical Nuclear Penguin

No, I wasn’t stating A new game title for your iPad, This is currently the strongest beer out there.

No penguins were injured in the making of this beer, though – this beer was barreled for around 14 months and then got frozen over and over again.

You should drink this beer easily and slowly like you’d enjoy whiskey,steak and/or your favorite music album..

The Antarctic name, inducing schizophrenia, of this Ÿber-imperial stout originates from the amount of time it spent exposed to extreme cold. This beer was initially double barrel aged for 14 months; maturing in the deep, rich oak of Scottish whisky casks. After this epic maturation the beer was then frozen, then frozen again, then frozen again.

You can order your bottle at the manufacturer website right here.

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