Mississippi abolished slavery 148 years after civil war

mississippi abolished slavery

Abraham Lincoln

Oops, we thought someone already took care of that! 148 years after the American civil war, Mississippi abolished slavery. Everyone thought the 13th commandment to the constitution saying slavery is forbidden in the united states was long approved – but than it turns out someone forgot something.

“The permission for the amendment was never passed to the man in charge of the archive so he could register it”, Explained Pamela Weaver, state spokesman to the Los Angeles Times.

The historical correction passed through the american congress on the 31st of January, 1865 – and then sent to be approved  three quarters of the states passed the correction and by that – making it a state law, but some of the states took their time and lingered. Delaware and Kentucky only did it on the 20th century.

Mississippi, a southern state filled with slave estates, rejected the correction on December 1865, and remained the last state to not approve it. in 1995, the peoples court passed the correction, but no one took care of the paperwork, until this month.

This happened thanks to the movie “Lincoln” that was released not long ago. Ranjan Batra, a professor of Neurobiology in the university of Mississippi and an original citizen of India  Watched the movie that displays the ongoing political struggle of the president Abraham Lincoln to cancel slavery – and wanted to investigate the subject thoroughly. When entering a website that describes the American constitution he noticed a side-mark saying: “Mississippi approved the correction in 1995, but since the state never officially stated it to the federal archivist, it wasn’t official.”

Batra’s work mate, who also got excited from the movie and heard his friend’s allegations  addressed the authorities – and they hurried to fix the mistake. on the 7th of February the Archivist approved receiving the paperwork, and thus officially ending slavery in the United States.

mississippi abolished slavery

Daniel Day Louis as Lincoln


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