10 incredible coincidences

Incredible coincidences

Incredible coincidences

There is a big argument that goes on for years upon years – What makes things happen? is it the hand of faith, coincidence, god or some other higher power? No matter what the answer will be – all along history human kind is trying to explain these things to itself.  Sometimes history provides us with such incredible coincidences we may think they go against nature and probability. Here are some stories from around the world.


1.Twins born and die at the same time: On march 2002 a horrid news story was published about identical 71 years old twins, from Finland, that died on the same day, two hours apart – both in a car accident while riding bicycles and on the same road. an officer that was handling the accidents said that this is just an “historic accident – even though the road is packed with cars – accidents do not happen everyday.” (via)

2.Killed in the same spot, the same way: In 1975, a man was killed from a taxi hit in the Bermuda Island while riding a motorcycle. a year later, another person died in the same place – and in the same way. while riding the motorcycle. While riding it – that person was hit by the same taxi from a year earlier with the same taxi driver. If you wonder how could it be the same motorcycle – well, Its becouse the two people who died one year apart and in the same way were brothers.

3.The mysterious monk: Joseph Aigner was a known painter in Austria, 19th century. Aigner was pretty depressed and tried to kill himself numerous times. His first try was when he was 18 years old, he tried to hang himself but got disturbed by a mysterious appearance of a monk. when he reached 22 he tried to hang himself again, but the mysterious monk came in his path once again, preventing his death. 8 years later death came to visit again only this time by kidnappers that took Aigner for his political opinions – again, the monk appeared on time and saved him. Only at age 68 Aigner managed to kill himself with a bullet through his head. The memorial service was held by the mysterious monk – whose name Aigner never knew.

 4.The money back in its proper place: in 1858 a man named Robert Palon was shot as a vengeance from his poker buddies. They claim that Palon cheated his way to win $600. When Palon’s place stayed empty and no one claimed the cursed money – They found a new player to take his place. While the police arrived to investigate the murder, the new player have already made the $600 into $2,200. The police claimed the original $600 to give legally to Palon’s next of kin, only to find out the only kin is the new poker player who was Palon’s son – that didn’t see his father for the last 7 years.(via)

5.Baby rain: In the late 30s of the last century, Detroit – a young mother became forever grateful of a man name Joseph Piglock. While walking in the street a baby fell from a high floor – unto Piglock and fortunately they both survived without injuries. exactly one year later, the flying baby found his way, once again, through the window – fortunately, Piglock was walking through that street again, blocking the baby’s fall – again, both surviving this incredible coincidence. (via)

6.Together in life and death: John and Arthur Maouforth are twins that were living around 130km(80 miles) from one another in Britain  On the evening of 22 of May, 1975, the two started to feel bad from chest pain. Their families were not aware of the other’s illness. The two brothers were taken to separate hospitals around the same time and passed away from heart failure.

7.The mailman ring twice: While on a business trip in the late 50s, Mr. Geroge D. Bryson checked in Blowsville Hotel, Kentucky  After finishing the registration process he received a key to his room,  number 307. After a while, he went through the reception desk to check if any letters are waiting for him. the clerk told him that he has one letter and gave him an envelop addressed to Mr. Geroge D. Brayson from room 307. After opening the letter he find out that it wasnt for him – but for the previous tenant of room 307, another man named Mr. Geroge D. Bryson.(via)

8.Like twins separated at birth: In Ohio identical twins were born and handed over for adoption, the families who did not know each other both named their adopted kid – James. When the kids grew up, unfamiliar with each other, both looked for a job in law enforcement. They both have great ability of painting and carpentry, They both married a woman named Linda – and both had a kid named James Alen, where the only difference is one wrote their name with a double ‘l’. Moving on a few years into the future – they both got a divorce and re-married to two women named Betty and both had a dog named Toy. only when they reached 40 years old – the brothers discovered the identical lives when they met in a reunion.

9.Returning the lost: While the american author Ann Perish was going through books in a book store in Paris in the 20s, she ran into her favorite book as a child – “Jack Frost and other stories”. She picked up the book and shows it to her husband while telling him it was her favorite book since she was a little child. The husband took the book, open it and found out the following text in the inner cover: “Ann Perish, N.Over 209 street, Colorado Springs”. It was her book that find its way over the ocean.

10. James Dean’s cursed car: James Dean was killed in a horrible car accident in September, 1955 while driving his Porsche car. When the car, “little bastard”, was towed away from the accident place to the garage – the engine suddenly dropped on one of the mechanic’s legs and crushed them. Eventually the engine was purchased by a doctor that put it in his Porsche  he was killed a short time after in a race. In that same race another driver died – one that installed Dean’s gear box in his car. After Dean’s porches was fixed – the garage that it was handled in burned to the ground. Later on the car was presented in Sacramento but fell off a cliff and injured a young man. the pick-up tow that towed the car slipped and crashed into a store. eventually the car disassembled into 11 different parts. Over the years “little bastard” became into some kind of myth and most of the stories told about it can not be authenticated.(via)

Incredible coincidences

Little Bastard


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