5 Myths that are actually true

Next time you find yourself in the midst of a roaring discussion that happens to be about 5 myths or more over a cool beer at the bar, these next bits of information might help you gain the upper hand. No one will return your precious time to you but at least you will be right, and this is the important thing.


Here are 5 myths that are actually true:

1.You can predict the weather through joint pains

5 myths

Magic painful knee

Each one of us has this friend that always claim its going to rain when their knees hurt. Turns out this is actually true, Shifts in barometric pressure in the atmosphere can cause swelling in joints, especially those suffering from arthritis or those who experience injuries in their past.

Over-sensitive people feel minor barometric moments and through these pains they can predict a storm a few days before it happens.

The rest of you can just use the Meteorological center’s website.

2.Chicken soup cures cold

5 myths

We always look the best with the common cold

“Dont drink chicken soup when you are sick” – Said never by no one ever.

This most known home remedy cure contains components that depresses the white cell activity in the blood stream. These little fellers are responsible for repelling bacteria inflammatory cells and one of the ways of doing so is by making mucus. The white blood cells likes to go all the way which explains the huge amount of mucus we have when we catch a cold – which makes it hard to breathe and an overall bad feeling.

Chicken soup slows down the making of mucus and makes it drain out more efficiently. That is why next time your mother tells you to drink chicken soup – you better listen.


3. Sleep it over and decide tomorrow

5 myths

What should I do?

Everyone of us fears major and faithful decisions, We also have to eventually accept them.

As it turns out,  a good night sleep before making a big decision helps us choose more wisely  in an experiment – people had to make an important decision, but sleep before they do. They ended up choosing the optimal option in oppose to those who didn’t sleep before making the decision.

Our natural brain mechanism are smarter that us. When we go to sleep, our subconsciousness go into action and lose all the non-rational considerations we experience when we’re up. The next morning we may already have the right decision without even knowing how it got there.


4.Animals can recognize upcoming danger

5 myths

Do you hear that?!

Every time a big disaster hits, we hear stories about people claiming that their animals felt the upcoming trouble and tried to warn them before it happened.

Reports that came after the tsunami disaster in the Indian ocean at 2004 say that the wild animals casualties were minimal. the animals probably felt something humans didn’t and ran up to high hills to take cover.

So how did mother earth warn her children about the coming disaster? animals posses very keen senses, a lot more than humans have. these senses allow them to hear very low frequency sounds, those same kind that seismic vibrations do before big earthquakes happen.

Other animals have high sensitivity for electromagnetic fields and small vibrations. even animals that don’t feel these things – can see their friends running for their lives and join them.


5.Eating bananas increases the odds of having a male child

5 myths


Researches found that women who had high-sugar foods around the time they got pregnant, had a 56% to have a male child. It doesn’t sound like a bigger odd than the natural way, but statistically – those are high differences.

High level of glucose is beneficial for males during impregnation and harmful for females. as a matter of fact – with the low sugar level diets being noticed in developed 1st world countries – there is a higher percentage of female babies being born. This is true for other mammals as well, when they were around foods with a lot of calories in them – they tend to bring more male offspring to the world.

(too bad they didn’t know this ‘trick’ back in old Sparta – where they use to kill female babies)



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