7 Ways to wake up happy and refreshed

wake up happy

Almost everyone can agree the hardest part of the day is waking up. You open your eyes, usually still tired, and the thought of today’s chores makes you want to cuddle back under the blanket. Add the fact that a lot of people wake up with a terrible headache, moody or an urgent feeling to go to the bathroom – and you’ve got yourself a receipt for a very bad day.

Since most of us don’t have the option to wake up at noon, You should do whatever you can to try and make your mornings better, Here are 7 steps that might help you wake up happy and refreshed.


1. Don’t eat before going to sleep

wake up happy

Even when we sleep, Our digestive system stays up and running. If you ate 2 slices of pizza right before bedtime – You will probably wake up very tired, Since your digestive system will work all night on digesting the hard cheese and white flour. It’s better to avoid eating late at night so your digestive system gets some rest,  And let the cleaning system – The liver and the Lymphatic system – work. For your early dinner choose a healthy and nutritious meal that will help you get into bed not hungry, but not awfully full either.


2. Sleep some more

You feel REALLY tired, But still stayed up to watch that TV episode you were waiting for? That’s too bad. Every hour of additional sleep can benefit to how you feel at morning time. Although you want to take advantage of every single second of the day, Allow yourself to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Adults should sleep between 6-8 hours, And in average 7 and a half hours. Shorter sleep time than that will not have good results for you. Yes, All you need in order for you to wake up refreshed – is a few hours of continuous sleep. If you think or know that you will wake up once or twice in the middle of night due to a newborn or a sensitive bladder – Go to sleep even earlier to make up for that time.


3. No monitors and screens

wake up happy

Over the last few years sleep analytics have been investigating into “light pollution”. The blue light that projects from our cellular phone chargers and the tablet board “wound” the darkness in your bedroom. These lights interrupt the creation of melatonin – the sleep hormone – and by that cause sleep disorders and even weight gain. Further more, People who sleep with their smartphones near their head tend to take a peek at the screen even before they leave bed and by doing so – might start their day badly from reading an angry work related email or a phone call they prefer not to get.


4. Morning exercise

It’s really hard to think about going for a run at 6AM, But if you manage to get over that feeling and start moving, Your whole day will look different. Physical exercise make your blood flow better and raises the oxygen levels in your body. When this happens early in the morning, Your body will start the day in a very positive way that makes your energy levels go through the roof for the whole day! Researches say that doing morning exercises will increase your metabolism during the day which in turn – will help you lose weight.


5. Alarm clock

wake up happy

Anyone who is not a “morning person” knows the routine of pressing the alarm button and going back to sleep right after – just to press it again and again. this repetitive behaviour makes us and our surroundings very angry. The best way is, obviously, Waking up without it. But in order for this to work we need to ‘reset’ our biological clock. We can do that by going to sleep and waking up at exactly the same time every day. If you do this long enough, You’ll notice you will wake up 2 minutes before the alarm clock, But until this happens – Try putting the alarm clock far away from you so you wont go back to sleep.


6. The method of physically getting up

Whether you’re the kind of person that stay in bed a few minutes or jump out and brush your teeth – The physical act of leaving the bed should be slow and calm as possible.


7. A Glass of water

Most people open their day with a cup of coffee, but coffee gives too much energy for a sleeping body. It’s better to start your day with 2 glasses of warm water. Drinking up to 8 glasses a day can help with losing weight, metabolism, and even oily skin. Chinese medicine implies that adding lemon might help with cleaning the body from toxins and will allow us to open our day in a healthy way.



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