Aurora Borealis transparent igloo

Aurora Borealis

The view of the transparent igloo

In Finland – 250km (155 miles) from the north pole, The vacation village ‘Kakslauttanen‘ offers tourists the option to sleep under the beautiful night sky without freezing to death. Using special glass igloos which are immune to  snow accumulation and window vapor. Whilst the temperatures outside can reach -30C° (86F°), The inside of the igloo will stay nice and warm.

While lying on the luxurious igloo bed, you can gaze up to the wonderful starry sky and of course watch the breath-taking Aurora Borealis.

This whole experience may sound very romantic, but don’t forget the igloos are actually transparent, your neighbours can peek even without intention. Igloos price is about 200 Euro for a person per night, the recommended time to enjoy the Aurora Borealis is between August and April.

Don’t forget that area is TRULY cold. In the winter you will need to equip yourself and dress in layers. First of all – a good thermal long underwear, followed by another layer of something warm like fleece or wool. on the top you’ll need a good garment, preferably water and wind proof. You should always be covered from head to toe. exposed head will make you feel like you are cold even with all the mentioned clothing.

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