Never forget anyones name again with this memory trick

never forget

People love to be remembered. That’s how it is. We Are ego driven social creatures – and there is not a lot of insulting things like finding out that person you had a nice conversation with a couple of days ago doesn’t really remember your name. Here is a trick how to never forget.

While your own name is significant – especially to you, for other people its just another word that they need to remember with a bunch of other words. It is no surprise that most of them doesn’t bother to remember it.

If you’re used to be on the other side of the equation, and stand in front of people time and time again without remembering their names, Here is a little trick that might help you improve your memory miraculously.

Its important to remember our memory works by connotations. Remember a name without one is much harder than remember a name we can attach to something else (This is why you wont have a problem to remember a name that’s the same as your father’s.)

never forget

When you are introduced to someone new, Try picturing a mental image in your head that has to do directly with his name. When you’re imagining try to be very specific and “burn” that image deep into your consciousness. For Instance – If you meet Gus White, imagine a gust of wind so strong whipping by that it turns Gus’s face, hair, and clothes into a powdery white. – Try to detail the picture as much as you can. That way it will be easier to remember it and make the connection.

Also notice that if you have a big imagination – this trick would work better for you. As long as the situation your imagining is absurd and out of the ordinary – It will be harder to forget.

Of course, as soon as  you master this technique – You could use it to remember other details as well, Not just names. Which means that if you are students – now is the time to practice it to be prepared to the upcoming finals term.


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