Sweat perfume and Colgate meal: The Strangest brand inventions

The marketing world loves to see success, but sometimes its more interesting to look at failures. This is the strangest brand inventions from around the world like a brand of Rom presented by a jewish porn star, lipsticks from Coca-Cola and a tourist company by Kanye West.

When you do your branding right, life become easier for the costumers and the providers, but sometimes they come out with a product that leaves you thinking – “What the hell were they thinking?”

Frozen Toothpaste

In 1982 Colgate failed when they tried to manufacture a line of home made frozen meals. The reason behind this idea was that after the consumers eat their meal, they would run to brush their teeth with Colgate toothpaste.


One time mistake

BIC is known as a disposable pens manufacturer. “oh, well” was probably the thought going thru the marketing office’s head, “If we are so good at making disposable pens, we’ll probably make it with other disposable items as well!”. They sat and think and made disposable pantyhose under the BIC brand. The product of course failed miserably, or as some say “BIC mistake…”

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Coca-Cola lip balm

This product can be bought in London at different Tesco branches for about $3, and it seems theres always someone that will buy it, but you cant ignore the fact that the beverage company Coca-Cola came out with lip balm products to moisture your lips. Do you think this product will keep being popular?

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Boxing match smell perfume

When you think about the brand Everlast, you think about a boxing match: two big men, sweating from effort, punching each other nonstop for 15 rounds until they send one knock-out to the other all while sweating non stop from their skin. Someone from the marketing department probably thought to himself – “lets collect that sweat and make it into a perfume!”. So now you can buy that perfume on amazon.

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Dont drink and brand!

Some of the strangest brand inventions in the past are “thanks” to celebrities, that try to push their career further – sometimes from “celebrity blindness” or because of their greedy agent and their love for money and greed. Around 2006 the comedian Danny DeVito was a guest on The View hosting show when completely drunk. when he realized he isn’t in his best condition he said: “I knew this 7th limoncello glass will affect me.”

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Snoop dogg’s Hotdog

The rapper Snoop Dogg announced he will give his name to a new hotdog while being smart and calling it Snoop dogg. To make this product known amongst others he announced that it will be 30CM long…

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Kanye West tours

In 2008 the rapper Kanye West decided to open a virtual touring company, that will operate through a website that carries his name – www.kenyatravel.com

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