Using Science to be a Winner: From Bingo to Monopoly

Let’s face facts, none of us enjoy losing. Whether you are prone to flipping the board during a game of chess or known to lose your cool after becoming bankrupt when playing monopoly, we all have a secret desire to win and be successful no matter what we attempt in life. There is a difference between wanting to win and knowing how to, however, as while the former is driven by ambition the latter requires skill, strategy and an eye for details. Interestingly, science can play a pivotal role in enabling you to win almost every conceivable form of game, from classic casino disciplines to your favourite board games.


Numeracy and Strategy: The Importance of Science and Mathematics
Let’s take Monopoly as an example, as first glance this would seem like the last game that could be mastered using a scientific approach and fundamental mathematical principles. To the majority of players, the Monopoly Board is viewed as an infinite loop, where chance and the roll of the dice determines exactly where you land. While there is some truth to this, Business Insider reporter Walter Hickey claims that players are far more likely to land on some spaces on others and this should form the basis of their strategy. So instead of targeting the highest value properties, players should invest in those that experience the most traffic.

Community Chest

So which properties are these? Essentially, they are on the squares located between the Jail and Go to Jail, and this assumption works on basic probability and mathematics. After all, the jail is known to suck in players from all over the board, through the Go to Jail Square, Chance cards and Community Chest, and over the course of the game you are likely to spend several stints behind bars. This instantly makes the properties beyond this point more viable and potentially lucrative to players with a desire to win.

Bingo and Online Casino Games
The same principle can be applied to online gambling games such as bingo, which is commonly considered to be a game of chance. This is not strictly true, however, as players can do a great deal to enhance their odds of winning aside from selecting a viable brand from a list of the best bingo sites. Simply by understand the game and calculating your precise odds of winning, you can formulate a numerical strategy that increases the probability that you will win and profit over a prolonged gaming session.


In terms of fundamental statistics, there is approximately a 50% chance that one card will require 41 calls to complete a Bingo, with 90% of all games completed by 54 calls. This gives you a broad understanding of your chances at any given time, and makes it possible to judge how well you are doing at any given time. These percentages fall during the type of multi-card games available online, however, so you will need to be focused and prepared to win within 30 calls in these instances.

While this knowledge cannot overcome the elements of chance that ultimately dictate such games, they can help players to strategize and optimise their chances of success over a concerted period of time.

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