7 signs of bad health

bad health

Your lips are always cracked, you have a cold too many times and even though you sleep a lot you feel tired than ever. These are just some of the symptoms that can point out existing medical issues and bad health, what other signs you should pay attention for and what should you do about it?

Are we really that healthy? Usually we believe that if nothing hurts us or bothers us – then we are healthy, but turns out there are physical sings, sometimes very small, that can point out medical problems that we just don’t realize we have.

1.Your lips are cracked: Before you think anything bad – everyone has cracked lips from time to time. its important to say that cracks – especially in the sides of the mouth can point severe lack of B12 vitamin. Missing this vitamin can cause anemia that will need an immediate cure as eating rich b12 foods or taking vitamin pills.

2.You are shorter than you remember: If you didn’t hear about it before, as we grow old we “shrink” a little, and if you measure yourself at 20 and at 60 you will definitely see a difference. but the rate that it happens is what matters. If you notice this happens too fast you might want to check for osteoporosis. The problem with this disease is that if you don’t treat it in time it may cause issues in your bones and your spine to bend in a very wrong way. In an early diagnosis you might need to change your nutritions that can prevent the disease to develop more quickly.

bad health

3.You catch the cold too many times: If you suddenly notice you sneeze and have the cold more than usual, it could sign that your immune system got weaker. You could be missing Vitamin C in your body or just caught a virus that you are not aware of. A simple blood test should resolve this and give you an overall diagnostic of your body’s condition.

4.Your urine is too yellow: It is very recommended to track your urine color as its a great indicator of your health. for example – if you drink enough your urine should be clear and colorless. On the other hand – if its too dark it might point out a problem with your kidneys, if you drink a lot of water and its still the same color – you might want to get yourself examined.

5.Skin problems: If you develop acne, or different skin conditions you haven’t noticed before – it could point out a few things, one of them is that you’re just not taking care of your skin. This could also point out worse medical conditions like allergy or too much pressure in your life. Don’t forget the skin is the largest organ of the body. you don’t want to ignore the signs its giving you.

6.You are not sleeping well: If you notice that your sleeping patterns suddenly change, it should light up a red light. Sleeping problems points out a variety of bad health problems from stress to the immune system.

bad health

7.You sleep a lot but stay tired: if you’re not having any problems sleeping, but start to feel tired mid-day – it could mean there is a problem with your Thyroid gland. If you don’t take care of this problem as soon as possible you might find yourself exhausted without knowing why and step into the endless circle of coffee and red bulls to stay as awake as possible. If this lasts for too long – go check it with a doctor.


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