sugary drinks responsible for 180,000 deaths per year


sugary drinks

Amounts of sugar in drinks

A new research presented in the Conference of the American Heart Association says that sugary drinks are responsible for 180,00 deaths per year that are associated with overweight.

In the research 35 countries were rated with the percentage of death from drinking too much sugary drinks. In the first place there’s Mexico, and Bangladesh is last on the list, the united states is on the 3rd place. The american organization of drinks says that its not a proven research but another try in making sensation in the media with doubtful medical backup.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be any available support for people with drinking problems of this kind.

The researches on their side say that they checked the data for many years with specific data on nutrition habits of almost 60% of people on the planet, and along with famous former medical researches , were manage to isolate causes like diabetes, cancer, over weight, and cardiac diseases that are caused from drinking too much sugary drinks, sports drinks and more.

More info in the following video.


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