$5000 diamond pulled out of her butt


Illustration of expensive diamonds

Due to the 65th year celebration of the women’s club of Tampa, USA, The organizers decided to run a special game of luck among the participants  Each and every one of the women could buy a $20 glass of champagne with a possible expensive (diamond) surprise at the bottom.

Most of the women got a crystalic cheap stone in their glass, but one happy winner got a diamond that is worth to be about $5000.

Miriam  Tucker was the lucky winner, but unfortunately did not notice the stone in the bottom of her glass and accidently swallowed it as well  Since she assumed she was not the winner, she didn’t say anything all evening, until eventually it turned out that no one else got the diamond.

Tucker had to confess to the organizers that she was probably the winner, but the expensive gift was actually down her digestive system. Ironically , but luckily  Tucker had a doctors appointment two days after the event, where the doctor took out the diamond from her intestines  cleaned it all around – and gave the embarrassed winner her prize.

Its of course important to state that during the 2 days between the swallowing and visiting the doctor – the woman tried, at least once, to find the diamond herself. After all – who would want to lose $5000?


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