8 bad things people do for money – Part[2]

 Deadbeat steals from dead baby charity

thins people do for money

Steven Whittaker


Taylor Florance family, a baby who was born premature and died in the hospital, just wanted to do some good. They raised a fund on their son’s name in order to rise some money to build a special premature babies unit in the hospital where Taylor was born, then – A man named Steven Whittaker came into their lives, made friends with the family while they were mourning the baby, and put his slippery sleazy hands inside the charity box to steal 800 pounds that were inside. after being caught he was sent to two years in jail.

Rob the poor and give to the theivs

things people do for money

No money no problems

The worlds unemployment problem created another ugly way to extort people of their money: scam artists trying to steal money from unemployed people who hardly have any left. One of the ways this is achieved is offer unemployed people to work from home. the interviews and conversations are being held on-line, along with all the promises. the future “employee” send the unemployed a cheque on a certain amount of money, asks to be deposited in his bank account and transfer some of it to another bank account. those who fall for this trick find out a few days later that the cheque is fake, and bounced back, but then its too late the get the transferred money back.


Stealing money and tears from a mourning mother

things people do for money

The mourning parents

A man who presented himself as John Parker, but yet to be exposed for his real name, preformed in September 2012 one of the ugliest scams I heard of: He called Shirley Erwin in Australia, who in 2006 lost both of her daughters after a psychopath kidnapped, raped and murdered  them – and presented himself as a Microsoft representative. Parker told Shirley that hackers hacked into her computer and unless she pays $500, she will lose all of the videos and photos of her daughters. After falling for that the first time – Parker kept calling every few weeks and extort Shirley – with a higher amount each time. eventually she figured out its a scam and contacted the police.


Sold fake medicine to cancer patients

Things people do for money

Fake Medicine

22 years old Hazim Gabbar was caught in 2010 in a scam that shocked people around the globe: turns out that during a long period of time Hazim sold a fake version of a medicine called DCA, online. DCA is known as a certain kind of acid that is unconventional but partially efficient way to treat cancer. at least 65 people ordered this fake version through Hazim’s website only to find out its a fake that was made using starch and other substances. He didn’t only risk peoples lives but also robbed them of hundreds of dollars each month. When caught Hazim was sent to 33 months in prison.



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