8 bad things people do for money – Part[1]

There are all kinds of fraudsters out there, but the following evil stories I picked for you contain special kind of deviant people who exploited and took advantage of people who were already at the bottom, 8 bad things people do for money.


Fake having cancer to collect money

Bad things people do for money

Leron Magilner

at 2011, Leron Magilner, a 34 years old man from Delaware, USA, told all his friends, neighbours, colleagues and local businesses around him that he is dying from pancreas cancer and in urgent need of financial funding to get medical help. a friend from his workplace organized two fund rising events for him which managed to collect around $11,000 – that didn’t satisfy Magilner who shaved his head and eyebrows to make it look like he is going through chemotherapy and even made a bucket list with a list of objects he would like to have before he die – hoping to get people around him to give him these things. he also begged for help on his Facebook profile. eventually a worker in a local hospital told one of the related people to Magilner that his name does not appear on the patient list of american cancer patients and the whole thing backfired back at Magilner.

Pay, or we’ll make you a pedophile

thins people do for money

Don’t send out personal details.

Scam companies are known to send bizarre emails asking for personal details, after impersonating themselves to be your friend – who got stuck in a foreign country with no money. I have to admit they are getting creative over time, This scam involves receiving an email from Paypal costumer service (not the real one obviously) – claiming some amounts of your money was transferred to a huge pedophile network online. a very stressful message indeed – with the sole purpose of getting you to put your real details into a fake form which will allow them to steal real money from your Paypal account. When using webpages like Facebook  twitter, paypal and more – pay attention and check that the real webpage address is at your address bar (facebook.com, twitter.com, paypal.com etc).


Disguised as love to get some cash

things people do for money

Nigerien Scam

It is always amazing to see people fall for these kind of scams on the 2nd decade of the millenium, but they cant be judged considering we are all looking for some love – In february 2011, The Daily Mail published a long and detailed study that explains how gangs of Nigerians scam artists impersonate US soldiers, develop online affairs with lonely women and succeed getting huge amounts of money from them. This is a $100,000,000 per year industry. One of the stories that really touched my heart is about an old widow that lost about $120,000 for an “american soldier” that told her he raises his son on his own.


Want a dog? PAY

things people do for money

Adopt! don’t buy!

Animal lovers could be a very popular target for scam artists. in 2007 such scam was exposed in the Seattle area: The scammers advertised pictures of cute dogs for adoption online, when people became interested in those dogs, they had to transfer big amounts of money to the “dog owners” sometimes reaching up to $20,000. but no dog came out of this deal. after receiving the money, the scam artists disappeared – in some cases they even described the dog’s character, what he likes to eat, etc – in an attempt to seduce the buyer even more, only to disappear right after. On a side note – I think this is a very good lesson for people trying to buy dogs. There are enough of them waiting to be adopted for free! Go save one and make a best friend.


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