Chinese Millionaire Street Cleaner

Chinese Millionaire Street Cleaner

Millionair Yu Youzhen

Day after day, six days a week,  53 years old Yu Youzhen wakes up early in the morning, put on her colorful orange jump-suite over her clothes and goes out to sweep and clean the streets of Wuchang in China. for the last 14 years shes been loyally doing her job, never been late and allowed herself only 3 days off. All of that – whilst her personal fortune is estimated to be about .5 million dollars.

Turns out this hard working woman never feared hard work: until she got her job as a street cleaner she managed to be, among the rest, a cook, a truck driver and a farmer. Five years ago she received a large amount of money from the Chinese government in exchange for a piece of property owned by her family in the next small village near Wuchang city. The government  who asked to develop that area, payed very nice amounts to the land owners – Yu Youzhen invested the money wisely and currently owns 17 apartments in an overall worth of .6 million.

Even though she could afford herself to retire early and enjoy a nice comfortable life, Youzhen doesn’t even dream on giving up her job, which gets her a salary of around 5.

According to the british Telegraph, Youzhen beileves that daily work is not only about money, work keeps you focused, while being lazy can make you develop bad habits. “I want to set a good example for my son and daughter – that is why I am not planning to quit my job just so I can lay around all day and ‘eat’ my saved money away


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