Etch a sketch inventor dies at 86

etch a sketch inventor

at 86 years old, the classic toy Etch A Sketch inventor André Cassagnes, dies. The toy that become a major classic in the 50’s and sold over 100,000,000 around the world. Cassagnes also developed a small second career in the 80s as a kite designer.

The etch a sketch inventor – André Cassagnes, died two weeks ago in Paris at 86 years old. Cassagnes came up with an idea of a mechanical toy that makes erasable drawings by turning two dials, while working as a electric technician. He presented his idea of the toy in a toy fair that was held at 1959 – The Ohio Art Company chose him, and since starting to make this toy – made over 100,000,000 units. This became a best seller toy on its first year in the United States.

Etch A Sketch was crowned one of the most rememberable toys in the 20th century – by the american toy association. The iconic red frame, gray screen and two round buttons allows the user to draw using the round dials and erase the drawing by shaking the board. Cassagnes understood the potential of the toy when he noticed, while working with metal dust – that the marks of aluminium dust you can see through an half transparent surface – from the other side.

Ohio Art Company president, Lary Kilagon said “Etch A Sketch brought so much success to the company and we are very grateful to Andre for it. His invention brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people for many years.”

The toy may seen a bit old in an era of laptops, smartphones and tablets, but according to Ohio Art – it still has its own market – especially after appearing in the movie Toy Story.


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