The woman that keeps growing

woman that keeps growing

Tanya Angus before and after the disease

Tanya Angus, The woman that keeps growing, was fighting Acromegaly for years until she reached 2.18m(“7’1) and 181kg(400lbs). She devoted her last years to support people who suffer from this disease.

As a teenage girl in Las Vegas, Tanya Angus walked proudly on fashion show catwalk, back when she was ‘only’ 1.72m(“5’6).

But earlier this week, when she passed away, 34 year old Angus was already 2.18m(“7’1) and weighted around 181kg(400lbs). She was a victim of a rare phenomenon called Acromegaly, a disease happening because of an over operation of the growth hormone. it wouldn’t let her stop growing. This disease is also knows as gigantism.

Keren Stroyinsky remembers her daughter’s word: “Mother, I don’t know why is this happening to me, But I guess god decided i can handle it.”. And she did – She went on TV shows and on the news to talk about the situation that left her face disfigured and put her through a lot of pain.

Tanya’s situation happens from an over release of a hormone caused by a non-cancerous tumor in the Pituitary gland. This syndrome effected everything in her life. She couldn’t get her head through the biggest t-shirts because the collar was too small for her. She needed custom made shoes made specially for her and jewelry makers made her rings into size 20. “there is nothing pre-made for giants” said Tanya’s mother.

Stroyinsky said that some of the people treated her daughter in an unfair manner and judged her without knowing her. They assumed she was using a wheel-chair because she lacked the discipline required to lose weight. What they didn’t know is that she ate only one meal a day, and that it was her medications that caused her to bloat. “People were very mean, until she started talking to the media”, Says Stroyinsky.

After her appearances on television, Angus became a spokeswoman for other people suffering from this disease, and helped them cope with it by talking personally with people from around 60 states. Her mother thinks of it as a mission from ‘higher power’ – to help those people and get people to be pre-examined for it before it breaks out and get out of control. Tanys is till due for autopsy, but her mother says she probably died from catching a cold and developing a small rapture in her heart.

Tanya’s mother is planning to continue running her website and talk to people who struggle with the syndrome. “We cant just let it be over, die out with Tanya – Its just too important”, said her mother.


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