Woman drives 900 miles instead of 90 because of GPS error

woman drives 900 miles

Questionable route

67 years old woman drives around 900 miles  for two days, by mistake, thanks to her GPS!

Sabine Moreau started her drive route  in the city of Hainault Erquelinnes, Belgium – She requested the GPS to make a route for a pickup of her friend in a train station in Brisol, around 89 miles away.

She operated her GPS instructing her to go south, and guide her to the city of Zagreb, Croatia. Instead of spending a couple of hours in her car – she ended up spending two days in a cross country journey.

During the voyage she stopped twice to fill up her gas tank, slept for a few hours on the side of the road and even had a small accident. How did she not suspect something was wrong with the given route? her explanation is as follow: “I was distracted so I kept going, I saw signs on the way, first in French then in German and eventually in Croatian, but I kept going because i was distracted – only when I reached Zagreb I realized I’m not in Belgium anymore.

After the woman did not reach her destination – her son started to worry for her, he went to the police which searches came up with nothing – until the woman made contact.


If you ask me though, I think this 67 years old woman was just trying to setup a cool road trip, and was on her way to pick up her friend – maybe to get to some rock festival, who knows?



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