Deaf twins go blind – Get permission from government to die

deaf twins


A tragic case in Belgium ended with government-supported suicide: 45 years old deaf twins received doctors support in their request to end their hard going life.

About a month after requesting a permit to commit suicide from Belgium? the twins received a positive response and the action was executed, sponsored by the law. The media reported that in the last weekend, the brothers, deaf from birth – got a permit to commit suicide after they began losing their eye sight. The twins, 45 years old from the city of Antropwan, lived together their whole life and noticed a few years ago that they are losing their vision.

Doctors in Bristol supported the twins request from the 14th of December last year even though neither of them suffers from any deadly diseases.  A few days after their death – the government in Belgium offered to change the law and allow minors and Alzheimer’s patients to commit suicide as well.

Belgium is the 2nd contry in the world that permits Euthanasia, after Holland passed the same law back in 2002. About 1,013 cases, mostly cancer in terminal state – were registered in 2011.



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