Husband dies on his way to wife’s funeral

husband dies

Norman and Gwen Hendrickson

Can’t do without her: Husbend dies after his heart of 94 year old suddenly failed while on his way to the ceremony of his wife Gwen who died a few days earlier, after years of suffering from Parkinson disease.

Norman Hendrickson, who has been working in a postal office in a new York suborn, was buried in a spot right next to his wife after a double, unplanned, ceremony who was married for 66 years. Said their daughter Merilyn. She did not lose her senses and put up a sign for the arrivals: “Surprise – double ceremony – Norman and Gwen Hendrickson- 16 of February 2013” – Two days after celebrating Valentines day.

Along with the couple, also buried was their son’s ashes that passed away in 2008, and a painting of their daughter Merilyn. The couple has another daughter by the name of Norma.

The Ceremony holder, Friend of the family – Elizabeth Nicholas Ross, said the couple loved to laugh a lot and that they would be enjoying this situation. She joked with the family members about how Norman, who really liked to save money, would love to hear that he is saving costs by doing two funerals with the price of one.

The people who arrived to the cemetery wasn’t very surprised themselves, one of them said: “This is no surprise, Norman wanted to be with Gwen.”

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