Woman dies from drinking too much coke

woman dies from drinking too much coke

Natasha Harries

The cause of death, according to pathologists, of a 30 years old and a mother of eight caused from a heart failure in february 2010 in New Zealand is drinking too much coke. The popular caffeinated drink hold enormous amounts of sugar, but in most places around the world – stating the amount of caffeine is not obligated.

For most consumers this is not much of a problem, but Natasha harries from New Zealand drank a crazy amount of 2.2 gallons (8.31 liters a day, which made the pathologist come to the conclusion that the reason of her death was her physical condition.

According to her family, harries drank coke all the time, compulsively, for years. When she ran out of coke she would go into addicts withdrawal symptoms like shaking and being angry. It seemed that nothing can help stop cravings she had for Coke. also, they stated that before having her heart failure she would complain about fast and strong heart beats. Harries lost all of her teeth because of her drinking habits and one of her children was born with bad teeth disturbance.

In an autopsy operation it was discovered that harries liver was abnormally big, even though she didn’t drink any alcohol. That is because of fat cells in her liver and low levels of Potassium in her blood that led to problems in her vascular system. Her family members claimed that they didn’t think cola in these amounts can be harmful and that it may be required to put a warning sign on this caffeinated sugared beverage.

“Coca Cola” claimed that the pathologist who performed the autopsy  was too fast with his conclusions with blaming the drinking habits of Harries and not her nutritional habits and exercises.


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