Restaurants Turn Camera Shy

camera shy

No instagram!

Restaurants Turn Camera Shy – bad news for world wide Instagramers, New York times report of a new phenomenon in the united states – restaurant owners forbid guests from taking photos and sharing them online.

You might think the restaurant has a certain interest from the viral publicity of taking its foods photos and publishing it online, The chefs even claim that food photographers enthusiastic people will do whatever it takes to take that perfect photo – standing on chairs or use very bright flash units and different devices. These things interrupt the pleasurable experience of the other diners, and even hurt the restaurant’s reputation by capturing in their photo, without noticing, – the less aesthetic things like empty and half empty plates from near by tables.

Is it legal to forbid from a paying costumer to take a photo of his well paid dish? There are a few good reasonable reasons why the restaurant owner would like to prevent such a thing in his business:

Giving the restaurant a bad reputation: The restaurant wants to keep its right to manage her own reputation and by that – guarantee that the dishes are well documented, with good quality photos that will give out the proper marketing potential it wants. Restaurants invest a lot of resources editing and printing menus, designing websites and other marketing materials by using professional designers and photographers. sometimes a small little picture of an amateur photographer might ruin a reputation that was built for years.

Other costumers privacy: The restaurant is a public place, but sometimes a certain situation that happens there might be considered private – therefore, it has to be approved by the other documented people. there are other dining costumers that sometimes get themselves in the photo – even without permission from them to take their picture. those people are expecting privacy when eating – no one likes when other people look in their plate.

Interrupting other customers: When a costumer near you suddenly takes out a tripod and flash start firing in every direction, you would also like it when the owner will end it. you go to a restaurant for the experience and sometimes the obsessive documentation is just bothersome.


As the forbidden act is of photographing in the restaurant property, this might be legitimate as the reasons mentioned above, but if the owner wants to forbid taking pictures – he needs to specify it beforehand.

A meal in a restaurant is an agreement between the dining costumer and the restaurant where the costumer has to pay and the place has to provide food. If the condition of not taking photos wont appear clearly before or while entering the place – it would be very hard to obey this condition since it wasn’t agreed upon between the mention sides.

But as always, you can always meet in the middle – be polite, ask for premission from the waiter, promise some credit, avoid flashes and do it quietly without interrupting the other costumers.

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