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Christmas is already behind us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself with some interesting selling products, We all work hard and we all need to enjoy buying stuff we want sometimes, and there’s nothing like presents for uplifting your mood.
But before you run off to the local mall and fulfill that theory by buying a pair of new socks, we have some other ideas for you.

1.3D Printer

interesting selling
3D Printers are the talk of the day. This will probably be the next revolutionizing technology, One that will give us the option to become a small manufacturer and make our own plastic models, at home and easily. The technology is currently in its diapers, and most of the 3D printers are hard to use – but if you really want to start printing your own models – you might want to try the Cube 3D Printer.
It is one of the easiest and smallest 3D printers which even comes with 25 3d models that will help you start and printing like pros from the first use.
The price is not cheap – but to be one of the first, you have to agree to pay the price.

2. Calorie counting wine glass

interesting selling

It’s a known fact that a glass of wine a day can really have benefits for your health – but what about our weight? This glass of wine will help you see how many calories are there in the wine you are drinking so you can keep watch on the calories. Unless you’re about to fill the glass all the way to the top, to the point where it says “Who cares?”, Cheers! (~$20)

3. The mug that will never spill

interesting selling

If we are already on the drinking subject – Here is a good solution for people who keeps destroying keyboards and laptops with liquids and coffee: a cool mug that no matter how much you bump – it won’t fall! This might be a little expensive (about $25) but it will keep your hardware safe.

4. Wooden watch

interesting selling

Hand watches made a huge comeback- now with the new release of smart watches, but let’s admit it: The smart watches may be smart, but they are still pretty ugly and not so useful. On the other hand – if we buy a wrist watch, why not buy one that would also be a cool fashion statement? Check out this wooden wrist watch that has got popular lately (you might’ve noticed wooden sunglasses as well.)
It looks good, it has a cool bit to it and it’s not that expensive – about $40 and you could know that time with style.

5.A drone with a camera for beginners

interesting selling

The Drones, small remote-controlled quadcopters, have recently become a huge seller. Every man will admit that flying remote-controlled toys were always very cool, but what really upgraded these toys are the new cameras that can take high quality video without taking too much space and weight – and along with the drones – allows everyone to take amazing birdeye videos.
The professional drones are pretty expensive, but if you want to try it out it is totally possible without going bankrupt. the Hubsan X4 is one of the most popular and cheapest drones today, with an average price of around $60. It’s small, cool and already has a built-in camera (while it’s not HD – it is more than enough for your first footage).

6. Breathometer Smartphone Breathalyzer 

Breathometer A01 Smartphone Breathalyzer

Don’t drink and drive. But what happens when you just have a sip of beer or wine? how would you know the alcohol level in your blood? This device, which connects to your smartphone, will allow you to know the exact alcohol levels in your blood – So you’d know whether you are capable of driving or you should call a cab. The price is about $40, not very cheap – but can save you from getting your driver license revoked or even worse.

7. Romantic Star Wars hand towels

interesting selling

Many people forget, but between the space battles and the twisting plot of “Star Wars” there was also some romantics. For instance the love scene between princess Leia and Han Solo, where she admitted her love, “I love you”, she said. “I know”, he replied.
If you are also one of those that get touched by such a romantic scene, or just a fan of geek references, check out these hand towels for a geek couple that already has everything. It’s about $20.

8. Wearable Futon Air Mattress – A bed everywhere

interesting selling

Some people can fall asleep anywhere. Unfortunately – it’s most likely you dare not one of those people. Its a real bummer, especially if you find yourself in a 3rd shift and can’t take a nap on the table for half an hour between the current project and the next one!
Fear not – Japanese found a solution, This jacket is actually a wearable mattress that will allow you to enjoy the softness of a futon bed – anywhere and anytime. $87 and this can be yours.

9. USB Beverage Cooler\Heater Refrigerator

interesting selling

Are you tired of making a cup of coffee and then forget about it ten minutes later, only to find out it’s warm and disgusting? Or open a cold can of cola and not drink it fast enough until its also warm and disgusting? – Here is a solution for you: A small fridge that can hold a cup or a can and keep them warm or cold as you wish. You don’t even need an electric plug for this refrigerator – It’s enough to plug it in a USB plug and your beverage will be on its required temperature all day.

10. Virtual Reality

interesting selling

Read a lot about virtual reality, and want to try it yourself? Good news: There is no need to order thousands of dollars worth of developer kits – you can go with google’s simple and innovate solution – Simple cardboard frames where you can insert your smartphone, that turn into a virtual reality set using matching glass inside.
Project Google Cardboard is a good way to get some more ouo your iphone or galaxy devices and its very cheap, You can get it here for about $15.


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