Facebook social suicide app gets killed

facebook social suicide

An application (facebook social suicide) that lets facebook users gamble the existence of their personal profile was blocked from the social network. It is not clear yet if accounts were deleted using the app, since no one has returned to talk about it.

Russian Roulette: A Myth about a bullet inside a pistol and soldiers playing a sick game where its a 1 to 6 chance to lose your life. Russian Roulette on Facebook: An application where the user gets a 1:6 chance to lose his facebook account – which ironically means getting your real life back. Turns out this pun did not make Facebook laugh and they blocked the application that was online from last saturday within 4 hours.

The application’s information said – “Everyone is thinking about deleting their Facebook account at some point. This is a normal reaction to the sense depriving character of the digital world (…) Do you want to start over or just expand your excitement on the social website? Maybe this is a good time for you to start playing the facebook social suicide app.

Why did Facebook delete this application? It seems that the real reason is not wanting people to delete their account. Certainly not thanks to a game. But they will not admit it. One of the app’s developer – Proffessor Kyle McDonald from NYU told TechCrunch that the application was marked by Facebook’s automatic system as a “negative user expirence”. After that, they receieved a note from facebook saying they do not like the face their logo has a gun in it. “We tried following their rules, but we seemed to not understand them”, says McDonald – in somewhat cinical way.

Facebook, as always, did not respond to the questions asked about the removal – just forward them to her developer’s page.


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