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$5000 diamond pulled out of her butt

Due to the 65th year celebration of the women’s club of Tampa, USA, The organizers decided to run a special game of luck among the participants  Each …


Woman dies from drinking too much coke

The cause of death, according to pathologists, of a 30 years old and a mother of eight caused from a heart failure in february 2010 in New Zealand …

camera shy

Restaurants Turn Camera Shy

Restaurants Turn Camera Shy – bad news for world wide Instagramers, New York times report of a new phenomenon in the united states – …

Prevent hangover

Prevent Hangover: 5 natural ways to help

New years eve is a cause for celebration, and normally such celebration is accompanied by large amounts of alcohol that may be the reason for sickness, dizziness and …

hangover cure asparagus

Hangover cure – Asparagus!

Is your vegetable drawer ready for new years eve? how about the hangover cure asparagus, a vegetable reserved usually for high class restaurants, may prevent hangover after a night of …